House Cleaning Hacks For All Dog Lovers

  • 3 min read

Having a dog is great, but keeping the house clean consistently can be a bit crazy. With so many options and gadgets to buy, things can seem kind of overwhelming! Well fear not. In this post, I will show you some cool house cleaning hacks you can use with things you may already have in your home! 

Lint Rollers Are Your Friend

Lint rollers will help you in all scenarios that dog hair has recently got onto something like your clothes or car seat. Keep one at the front door, one in the car, and anywhere you get ready when you are on your way out the door. 

What about hair that has been stuck in the house for a while?

Rubber Squeegee/Broom

Dog hair accumulates over time, especially in upholstery and carpets. A rubber squeegee is a great way to get the hair out of any carpet. Simply spritz a little water on the carpet, and go to town with the squeegee. Go in the same direction across the entire carpet, and you will think you just bought a brand new one.

You will be truly shocked with how much hair will be removed using this method.

Dryer Sheets for Clothes

Just like anything dog related, consistency is key. Put your dirty clothes in the dryer with dryer sheets for 10 minutes before washing them. This will help dislodge a lot of the hair before washing. Do this every time you wash clothes and you will see a difference over time.

What About Your Dog’s Favorite Couch?

If you put a blanket or other fabric on your dog’s favorite couch, your couch could be saved for much longer. It is much easier to replace a blanket than it is an entire couch!

Dog Pee On Carpet

If a dog pees on the carpet, it can be a pain getting rid of the odor after a while, as it sets in deep. Pour baking soda on the wet spot, let it sit for 20 minutes, then vacuum it up. A great way to eliminate the liquid, while also getting rid of any lingering odors from the accident. 

Use a Magic Eraser for Drool Marks

If your dog is a big drooler, chances are there are stains all over your house. Use a Magic Eraser for drool marks! Once you start focusing on them, you’ll start to see more and more of them. 

Clean Walls With Fabric Softener and Water

Get rid of any impurities on your wall while not damaging or removing any paint with fabric softener and water.


  • 1 part liquid fabric softener
  • 2 parts water

Pour this solution into a spray bottle and apply to your walls. A small sponge will help you rub away the mud, and keep your paint where it belongs.

Deep Clean Your Dog’s Toys

This is something the majority of people neglect, and it is an unhealthy habit to leave. Bacteria can form on all toys, so it is important to keep them clean, even if it is weekly or monthly! Most all rubber toys can be put in the dishwasher, and all fluffy or soft toys in the washing machine. 

Wrapping Up

Keeping on top of cleaning can be tough, especially with the busy lives we all live. The never ending problem of dog hair in the house is something we can’t avoid when owning a furry friend that sheds. Hopefully these techniques and products will make your life that much easier when it comes to cleaning. You will notice a massive difference in your home!